Wolf 359__Explored

For those Trekkers amongst us Wolf 359 has a particular meaning, its where
The Borg Cube which was heading for Earth destroyed a Federation Fleet in Next Gen.
In my old Traveller UER RPG Setting the info goes something like this:
Wolf 359 is only about 6.5LY from Earth and was investigated by the Earth
Colony Ship Redoubt on its way to Neubayern and the planet it would
eventually colonize. Wolf 359 is an unremarkable star, indeed it never even
got out of the Red Main Sequence Stage ( Sol [Our Sun] is a Yellow Main
Sequence Star G2 V) and is a M8 V Star which is almost classified as a Red
Dwarf ( And No I don't mean the Great TV Series either :) ).
When the Redoubt passed thru the system she noticed that Wolf 359 actually
had a pair of small planets in orbit, and the closest one  , now known as
Desolation, seemed to have an atmosphere. Captain Françoise decided to risk
sending a pair of Armed Shuttles to investigate the planetoid while the
Redoubt orbited the Star once. The Shuttles did a brief investigation of the
small planet and found that it did have a proto-atmosphere mainly made up of
semi-frozen ammonia and methane. They then met up with the Redoubt as it
came around Wolf 359 and  the journey to their new home re-commenced

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