UER Black Prince

Heavy Cruiser Class

This is another from my UER RPG Setting, this time its of an Earth Ship, the
UERS Black Prince, a 10,000 Displacement Ton Heavy Cruiser armed with a
Spinal Meson Gun and Dual Neutral Particle Accelerators, along with more
mundane Lasers and Missiles.

The UER built 35 of these Cruisers between 2524 and 2531 and they are still
being produced at a rate of 4 a year.
The Black Prince is seen passing Beta Hydri 4 ( Also known as Glisten) one
of the Lost Sleeper Colonies found in the 2490's when humans started
exploring using Stutterwarp Starships:)

Black Prince made in Doga
Rendered in Bryce 4

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