Typornian Swamp Runners

Another from my UER Setting
The ships before you are Typornian Swamp Runners, these sleek heavily armed
and armoured catamarans are the only semi-safe mode of transport on Typorn's
shallow swamplike oceans. Driven by impeller drives and an added Plasma Jet
for when speed is really necessary these tramp traders and their crews are
generally the only means of contact for many human settlements on Typorn
before recontact with Earth in 2495.

The smaller ship is the Trader's Scout vessel and the ships are currently at rest in a protected lagoon.
 They are collection the White Creamy Liquid floating on top of the "Water".
Typornians call it "Mothers Milk" and it is a major source of Vitamins and
Potassium for the Colonists as well as having various medicinal purposes. It
wells up out of the ground near the edge of  the swamps, but is really only
able to be collected from calm lagoons like this one.

Typorn ( Sigma Draconis 2) is a paradox of a planet, it has an atmosphere
twice as thick as Earths, but a Gravity only 85% as strong though it's
nearly 1,600km bigger in Diameter  Its Mean Average Temperature is 24 C and
it has no Axial Tilt, so it has no seasons, which results in a fairly calm
weather system. Typorn has only 51% of its surface covered with water, but
80% of that is swamps It is geologically active but less so than Earth.
indeed it only has 2 real mountain ranges and its highest peak is only
Typorn has a thriving eco-system which mankind had to adapt to, it was an
impossibility for man to tame this planet. Typorn's oceans are a soup of
Algae and Proto-plasmic lifeforms which in turn feed a rich food chain. Much
of Typorn's Fauna and Flora is Huge( A combination of Gravity and the amount
of Swamps) and generally deadly to man.

Swamps Runners created in Doga L2
Some plants in Plant Studio and others are Bryce presets
Rendered in Bryce ( 6 hours)
Post Edit in Photo-Paint 8

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