Flight over Desert

This picture is from my United Earth Republic Sci Fi RPG Setting, it depicts
a Drembanin ( We are at War with these Guys) Planetary Assault Vessel flying
over the deserts of Thera Bootis VI ( About 35 Light Years From Earth). This
vessel carries 3 Battalions of Drembanin Heavy Assault Infantry ( Or 6 if
its a very short trip) in its Rear Pods, and is armed with Fusion Cannon and
Heavy Assault Missiles.
These Ships are approximately the same size as a UER Heavy Cruiser, and came
as quite a shock to the UER Military when they first appeared. The Ability
to land up to 6 Battalions of Heavy Battledress Assault Infantry quickly was
a big advantage the Drembanin exploited to its fullest in the taking of the
Arcturus System in 2531.

Drembanin Assault Ship made in Doga
Rendered in Bryce
Postwork in Photo-Paint 8

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